What is Average Price?

Bassel Selwanes
Modified on: Thu, 2 Nov, 2023 at 4:09 PM

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Your average price (@EGP ) gives you insights into your investment's current state based on the average buying price of your stock purchases. 

The average price is calculated based on buy orders and only changes when you buy more units of the stock.

Sell orders do not impact your average price.

How is my average price calculated? 

As of 30 October 2023, 

When you make a buy order, your average price will be calculated and updated at the end of each trading day to include fees and commission costs from your invoice.

Your average price = total cost of investment + commissions & fees / total quantity of shares.

When will the average price be updated?

Your average price will be updated as soon as your buy order is executed. However, adjustments for commissions will take place at the end of each trading day to include the commissions from your invoice.

Example: how multiple buy orders influence the average price 

The following example shows how your average price changes with every buy order placed on the same stock.

Calculation(Quantity x Price) + Commissions & FeesLast Order Cost + New Order CostPrevious Quantity + New QuantityTotal Cost / Quantity Owned
OrderQuantity (Shares) BoughtPrice Per ShareCommissions & FeesOrder CostTotal CostQuantity (Shares)
Average Price

Disclaimer: Commissions and fees are excluded from T+0 purchase orders.

Will T+0 settlement stocks or transferred stocks influence my average price?

No, your average price is not impacted by any sell order regardless of the settlement type, or by stocks transferred from another brokerage account to your Thndr account. It is only determined by the stocks you purchase.

Where can I see my updated average price?

  • On the Thndr home page click on a stock you are invested in.
  • Go to the stock page and scroll down.
  • Tap “My position”
  • Your average price will be between brackets under “Units”

Will this update show up on average prices of orders I made before? 

No, only orders placed starting 30 October 2023 will be adjusted for invoice commissions.

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