How to Navigate Thndr App

Kazem Ramadan
Modified on: Fri, 31 Mar, 2023 at 12:10 PM


Main Page 

Investment value (Your Investment)

Users following you 

Users that you follow 

Most trading stocks in the EGX 

Total gain & total loss 

Under investment you will find any investment you made 

Wallet Page  

How to top up your account 

How to withdraw your account 

Your total balance 

Requesting your top up 

Requesting your withdrawal 

Your activity buy & sell or any fund in & withdrawal

Explore Page  

Thndr Themes 

Stocks related to industries 
Mutual funds 

Companies with dividends 

Sharee3a compliance 

Searching on stock

Feed Page 

Choosing Your top 4 markets index 

Tracking the market pints & index 
 You can choose fave stocks that you want to track 

News about the market from Thndr claps

Your feed is from the markets that you have chosen  

General  for all markets 

Rumbles People that you are following you will find news about what the bought and sell

Account Page 

Community People are giving insights about the stocks and App 

Settings from here you can change anything in the App

All your security options, Privacy ,Preference & Delete Account 

Help Icon  you can find our FAQs and learn platform also you can chat with the support team 

Legal f

Language change the language 

Log out

Market you can change the market that are using 

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