Ready to open your trading account? Here's everything you need to know. 


Thndr charges 0% brokerage commission. However, you need to pay the associated governmental fees that are around 0.1% of the transaction value. These fees include EGX, MCDR, FRA, stamp duty, and risk insurance. Here is the breakdown:

You also need to pay a custody fee of 0.05% per transaction. The custodian is the entity responsible for saving and protecting your stocks. They also collect any dividends you earn on your behalf. These dividends are then funded directly into your account. We've partnered with Ahli United Bank to provide you with this service and all the necessary paperwork will be done through us. Other custody fees include:

  • 0.01% of the market value of your held stocks as of 31/12 of every year
  • 0.05% of the value of dividends collected
  • 0.05% fees for transferring your existing shares, if necessary

Account minimum: 

There are no account minimums, you can start trading with any amount that you choose. 


The account opening process should take around 3 working days, but depending on demand it could take a little longer. You can check your portfolio tab on the app for updates and you'll be notified when your account is ready. 


For the time being we only accept Egyptian pounds



  • To be 21 years old or older 
  • Mobile Phone (iOS or Android)
  • Valid sim card
  • National ID for Egyptians


  • To be 21 years old or older 
  • Mobile Phone (iOS or Android)
  • Valid sim card
  •  Passport 

Application Process: 

Egyptians and Non-Egyptians living in Egypt: 

  • Fill out in app application 
  • A courier will be sent to you with a pdf of the application for you to sign. 

Egyptians and Non-Egyptian living abroad:

  • Fill out in app application 
  • Print and sign generated pdf of application 
  • Mail printed application to the thndr office. Address: 37 street 231, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. Ground floor, Apt 02. 

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