Technology requirements

All you need to get started with thndr is an email address and a smartphone. 

Thndr is available on iOS and Android smartphones for free. 

Thndr works on iOS version 11 or later .

Thndr should work on all modern Android versions that come with your device.

Thndr accounts

You can have two kinds of accounts on Thndr.

As user you only need to create an account on the app with your email, or sign in with Google or Facebook. You will then get access to market news and data, and you'll be able to follow stocks you are interested in by adding them to your watchlist.

As an investor you will need to create a trading account on the app, then you will be able to trade in stocks listed in the Egyptian stock market. You also can follow stocks you are interested in, and get access to market news and data.
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