The Explorer - Free

An easier way to invest.

All accounts opened on Thndr start off on The Explorer plan—here are all the perks and features you'll get access to for free!

Seamless account opening & funding: No branch visits required—Set up and fund your account in a few easy steps.
Enjoy commission free trading: Yep, that’s right. No commission fees and no minimum amount required to open your account.
Access to latest news and Level I market data: Follow your favorite stocks and stay up to date with the latest news and market data (15-min delay) all through the Thndr app.
Educational material: Simplifying investment with beginner friendly learn content to help you grow your financial knowledge.
Virtual trading on Egyptian Stock Market simulator: Explore different investment strategies on our stock market simulator that is a replica of what is happening in the real world.
Best in class support: Need help? We’ve got your back. Visit our help center or live chat with our team of professionals during market hours

The Analyst - 15 EGP/month

Dig a little deeper.

When you subscribe to The Analyst plan you'll get to enjoy all Explorer features and get access to Analyst consensus.

Analyst consensus: Get insights on how top tier analysts are valuing your favorite stocks over the upcoming 12 months so you can invest more confidently. We’ve partnered up with S&P Global, a leading analytics and data provider, bringing what the experts are saying directly to you.

The Racer - 55 EGP/month

Stay ahead of the game.

When subscribing to the Racer plan you'll get to enjoy all Explorer and Analyst features as well as get access to real-time market data, level II market data, and 30 min discovery session.

Real-time market data: We know that every second counts and so does every pound. Best deal available for real-time market data.
30-min discovery session: Get a head start. View all stock prices before the trading session starts and get a better sense of the stock opening prices.
Level II Market Data: See all the bids and asks for all orders placed on any given stock. Set better informed prices and quantities on your orders based on the availability and demand for stocks at certain price.

Can I try The Analyst or Racer plans for free?

Yes, you can. When you first upgrade to either plan you'll get to enjoy a month free free trail. After your free trial is over, your card will be automatically charged 15 EGP/month for The Analyst plan or 55 EGP/month for the The Racer plan.

Where can I upgrade to The Analyst or Racer plans?

You can upgrade to The Analyst or Racer plans on our website.

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