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How Can I Subscribe to the E-Finance IPO?

Download the Thndr app
Open your investment account
Fund your account
Send an email to [email protected] with your subscription amount

You will receive an email confirmation starting Tuesday 12th October once the final IPO price has been announced.

A few important things to note:
The deadline for subscribing to the IPO is Saturday 16th October 2021 at 3pm.
The minimum subscription amount is 100 shares as per the PSN.
The price range is between EGP 12.50 and EGP 13.98
The final price will be announced on Tuesday 12th October 2021.
There will be no upper or lower boundaries on the first day of trading for E-Finance, which means you can place your sell orders at any price.
If you would like any details on the coverage rate, please reach out to us.

IPO Allocation

Allocation is the amount of shares you receive at the end of the subscription period. This allocations is based on three things: your order, retail offering and coverage.

Retail offering is the amount the company intends to raise through the IPO. E-Finance retail offering is 25.8mn shares
Coverage is the amount of orders received by retail to subscribe in the IPO divided by retail offering
Allocation is on a pro-rata basis based on coverage. Please see example below

Retail Offering: 25mn shares
Your Order: 100k shares
Total Orders Received: 100mn shares
Coverage: 4x
Your Allocation: 25K shares (any difference in allocation will get credited to your wallet)

Legally you are permitted to place orders up to 4x the amount available in your wallet. For example, if you have EGP 1,000 in your wallet, you can place an order EGP 4,000.

However, this means that if the subscription coverage is less than 4X, you will need to either:
Fund your account with the difference, or
Sell the shares on the first day of trading

When Can I Sell My Shares?

You can sell in the first day of trading.

Please also note that there are no upper and lower limits on first day of trading.

Is My IPO Investment Protected?

Yes! The selling shareholders have established a stabilization fund that covers 100% of the IPO retail offering. The purpose of the fund is to offer investors the chance to return their shares to the selling shareholder at the same IPO price after 30 days. This means that if the price of the stock falls below the IPO price within the first 30 days, you can sell it back at the same price you bought it for.
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