The EGX has announced the following new regulations, effective Sunday 5 September 2021:

Limits on share price movements are increasing from 10% to 20% for the EGX, and from 5% to 10% for the NILEX
A new closing price methodology that uses a 30-minute moving-volume weighted average price (moving VWAP) will be implemented, which takes into account the traded volume during the last 30 minutes for transactions with a minimum value of EGP 100,000. This new methodology comes in place of calculating the VWAP for the entire trading session.
Every trading session at 2:15PM there will be a "Pre-Close Auction", where investors will be able to put buy and sell (limit) orders, but the orders won’t be executed. They will instead be used to come up with a “pre-close adjusted” price around 2:25PM, once the pre-close auction is over. Trading resumes around 2:25PM at the new pre-close adjusted price. For the full EGX disclosure click here.
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