Learn more about the AZ - Target Maturity Fund 2025

Established by Azimut Egypt, AZ- Target Maturity is a multi-tranche – multi currency fixed income fund that allows purchase and redemption of its certificates on a periodic basis.
AZ- Maturity follows a unified investment policy which aims to achieve fixed returns in line with the fund’s investment.
AZ- Maturity is a low risk savings and investment vehicle with plans to make periodical dividends.

What is a Target Maturity Fund?

Target maturity funds are a type of debt funds that have a specific maturity date. Generally, such funds carry lower interest rate risk and provide more predictive and stable returns.
This means that the fund will no longer be active when its maturity date is reached.

Subscription, Redemption & Dividends

Subscription: The initial subscription price is EGP 10
Subscription is daily
Minimum number of certificates is 100 ICs.

Redemption: Monthly.
Orders can be submitted up to the 25th of every month and executed on the first Monday of the next month.

Dividends: paid on a quarterly basis.
Subscription & Redemption Fees: None.

Additional Information

The fund will be open for subscription for a specific period, with periodic distributions of securities’ dividends and capital gains, and upon the maturity date, all funds are returned to the investors.
Any redemption before the due date shall bear the unamortized portion of the marketing and administrative expenses.
Subscription to this fund will close upon an announcement from the asset manager.

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More About Azimut

Azimut Egypt is one of the largest asset management companies in Egypt with over 20 years of experience and whose Assets Under Management exceed EGP 8.5 billion. Azimut Egypt is the local investment arm of Azimut Group which operates in 18 countries around the Globe. Azimut Group manages around USD 70 billion in different asset classes
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